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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FST attend University Shows or National Conferences?
Yes, click here for a list of upcoming events.
Does FST carry left-handed instruments?
 FST is proud to offer a large selection of left-handed surgical instruments...

                        Fine Scissors  (14160-10 & 14161-10)
                        Surgical Scissors  (14008-14)
                        Utility Scissors  (37000-00)

                        Halsted-Mosquito Hemostats  (13108-12 & 13109-12)
                  Needle Holders 
                        Olsen-Hegar Needle Holders  (12102-12 & 12512-12)
                        Crile-Wood Needle Holder  (12504-15)
                  Ligation Aid
                         Ligation Aid  (18063-13)
Does FST have downloadable product instructions or manuals?
Yes, instructions and/or manuals are available for the following products:

Magnetic Fixator Retraction System – Individual parts (18200-01 to 18200-12) download
Magnetic Fixator Retraction System – Kit for animals up to 200g (18200-20) download
Magnetic Fixator Retraction System – Kit for animals from 200g up to 5kg (18200-50) download
Micro Cannulation System (18000-10) download
Vascular Occluders (18080-01, 18080-02 & 18080-03) download
Microtattoo System (24201-00)
Safety Scalpel Handle #3 (10006-12) download
Safety Scalpel Blade Cartridges (10010-10, 10011-10 & 10015-10) download
Hot Bead Sterilizers (18000-45 & 18000-50) download
Dumont Forceps Repair Kit (29000-00)

Does FST offer discounts?
All of our customers enjoy the same competitive pricing structure.

Quantity discounts are offered to all customers for our Student Line of instruments...
  • Purchase 5 to 9 of any single Student Line instrument, and receive a 5% discount
  • Purchase 10+ of any single Student Line instrument, and receive a 10% discount
FST does not offer any other discounts.
Does FST sell surgical kits?
FST does not supply surgical kits; however our Technical Support Advisor can recommend specific instruments to fit your needs.
How can I place an order with FST?
                 Order Online
                     You can place orders on this website.
                     800-665-5355 or 604-980-2481 
                     (Weekdays 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Time)     
                     800-665-4544 or 604-987-3299      
I bought two of the same instruments and they are different.
High quality surgical instruments are handmade which can lead to some minor variations in the dimensions of instruments, particularly between manufacturing sets. This is sometimes evident
in the fine spring scissors and the tips of Dumont forceps. 
I do not see the product I'm looking for on the website. Does FST customize tools to my standards?
FST can do some customization of certain tools. Please contact our Customer Service for more information.
What are your finest instruments?
Finest Spring Scissors
     Vannas Spring Scissors  (15000-03 & 15000-04)
     Vannas Spring Scissors  (15000-00 & 15000-10)
     EVO Spring Scissors  (15800-00 & 15800-01)
     Moria Spring Scissors  (15396-00 & 15396-01)
     Vitrectomy Scissors  (15036-14 & 15037-14)
Finest Forceps
     Dumont Forceps  (11252-00)
     Dumont Forceps  (11254-20)
     Dumont Forceps  (11295-20) 
     Moria Forceps  (11370-40 & 11370-42) 
     Moria Forceps  (11399-80 & 11399-87) 
Finest Rongeurs
     Friedman-Pearson Rongeurs  (16220-14 & 16221-14)
Finest Retractor
     Mini-Goldstein Retractor  (17002-02)
Finest Blade
     Diamond Knife  (10100-00)
What is the difference between forceps and tweezers?
Forceps and tweezers are interchangeable words. Forceps and tweezers refer to the same products.
What new items came out this year?
Click here to see our New Products.
What are my shipping options?

Click here to see our shipping options.