Welcome to Fine Science Tools Online

A Worldwide, Research-Centered Business
For over 48 years, the Fine Science Tools (FST) Group has been the leading distributor of precision European surgical and microsurgical instruments and laboratory accessories. At FST, we precisely craft over 1,000 products, and serve thousands of customers in universities, research facilities, biotech, and scientific institutions worldwide. 

We team with over 70 business partners, and are working with over 50 distributors, all well-known in the fields of laboratory sales and surgical equipment. All of our European manufacturers and suppliers are ISO 9001 certified. And all of our employees at our three offices support the wide-ranging needs of our scientific and biomedical research communities around the globe.  

Management Team 
Our executives guide company operations and ensure our customers’ success and satisfaction—now and for years to come.

Hans Gawenda
Leverages decades of
experience to advise the
management team.

Markus Gawenda
Board Member

Focuses on innovation
and strategy.

Rob Gawenda
Board Member
Responsible for the
Vancouver office.
  Christina Callanta
Chief of Operations
Has a deep background in
product and business development,
customer relations, and marketing.
From our humble beginnings over 45 years, we’ve grown to become a leader in the scientific and research communities.

Our Values and Mission

We’ve built our business on a solid foundation of:

•  Outstanding Customer Support
Our selection of instruments is based on careful study and knowledge of our customers’ needs, as well as listening to their requests. We use this feedback to constantly adapt our products to the laboratories, research facilities, and learning institutions that rely on them.
Impeccable Product Quality
Almost every instrument we sell is manufactured by skilled European craftsmen, and designed to exacting specifications. They’re forged from the strongest, lightest materials available, including the finest German stainless-steel alloys. 
Individual Manual Product Testing
We’re dedicated to quality control, with highly skilled technicians in our German repair and QC department inspecting each and every instrument.   
Our Vision for the Future
To ensure our ongoing success, we plan to expand our product line and stay on top of the rapidly changing needs of our customers. In addition, we’ll aim to increase our market share by partnering with a growing number of potential resellers in expanding markets around the world. Our focus is to maintain our position as the leading supplier of the finest instruments at the most competitive prices. And we’ll continue our unwavering commitment to the highest customer service standards—with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.